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Quotes From Our Friends

Quotes From Our Friends

“Les Amis is all about the commitment to excellence and the search [for] perfection. I have fond memories of our wonderful dinners at Les Amis where creativity of the food matches the originality of the wine and the punctuality of the fine service. A dinner to remember!”
Daniel Boulud
Chef and Owner, The Dinex Group

“Dining at Les Amis is transportive, a passageway to Paris that you access only through this beautiful restaurant in Singapore. For 20 years the finest ingredients have been sourced and fashioned into artful presentation series in a setting that is every bit as French as its stunning food”
Thomas Keller
Chef and Proprietor, Thomas Keller Restaurant Group

“Today, Singapore is one of the most exciting cities in the world to eat out in. Les Amis, and all those who have worked there over the past 20 years have been hugely influential in making this possible.”
Nicholas Lander
Restaurant Correspondent, The Financial Times and Author,
The Art of the Restaurateur

“For the past 20 years, the history of Les Amis is about spreading Asian Gastronomy towards the world… As a friend and peer, I’m happy to celebrate this 20th anniversary with the whole team of Les Amis.”
Seiji Yamamoto
Owner Chef, Nihon Ryori RyuGin

“Les Amis is so much more than a restaurant for me. [It is] a home [away] from home where conviviality mingles with sumptuous food and wine to create a true delight”
Michel Roux Jr
Owner, Le Gavroche

“I am proud to say I have been a regular visitor to Les Amis since my first stellar encounter 20 years ago. The food is always at its sublime best and the wine list is beyond compare in Singapore. Congratulations to Les Amis on their great anniversary and [no doubt] many future years’ success as Singapore’s unrivalled culinary beacon.”
Michel Roux
OBE, Global Ambassador, The Waterside Inn

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