La Boutique

La Boutique
LES AMIS PRIVATE COLLECTION Available for Self-Collection
We are opening up our treasure chest of carefully sourced products, which are exclusive to Les Amis, for you to enjoy in the comforts of your home.
Plan a perfect surprise for friends and loved ones with our curated range of offerings that is bound to leave a memorable impression.
Prices stated are before prevailing GST.
Medium-intensity monovarietal extra virgin olive oil made with prized Saloneque olives.

Tasting Notes: Fresh, herbaceous, buttery, with a soft finish of fresh-cut grass.
$68 (500ml)
A full-bodied extra virgin olive oil made with a pure expression of Picholine olives.

Tasting Notes: Powerful, peppery, with lively bitter notes.
$68 (500ml)
AOP Assemblage
An exclusive olive oil, created by Chef Sebastien Lepinoy, featuring an assemblage of 5 varieties of Provençal olives - Beruguette, Picholine, Saloneque, Grossane and Bouteillan.

Tasting Notes: Well-balanced, smooth with subtle earthy aromas.
$60 (500ml)
Oscietre Caviar, Reserve « Les Amis »
Oscietre caviar aged with special maturation and minimum of salt, exclusive to Les Amis
$320 (100g)
$780 (250g)
Kristal Caviar, Reserve « Les Amis »
Kristal caviar aged with special maturation and minimum of salt, exclusive to Les Amis
$320 (100g)
$780 (250g)
Larger tins (i.e. 500g, 1kg and 1.7kg) are available upon request.
French Artisanal Cheese
Indulge in a selection of cheese curated by our Cheese Master.
To view our collection of cheese, please view our menu
$55 (5 Selection)
$75 (7 Selection)
$95 (10 Selection)
Dark Chocolate Log Cake
Dark chocolate log cake is crafted with chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, and sponge cake, with a delicate tapestry of crispy pailleté feuilletine hidden beneath this luxurious glazed layer.

* Available for collection from 5th December to 31st December.
$88 (Serves 6-8)
Signature Dark Chocolate Tart
Made with two types of chocolate (70% and 64%) and an imperceptible amount of sugar, and held together with a carob tart shell.
$88 (Serves 4-6)
Dark Chocolate Cake
Decadent dark chocolate cake made with layers of chocolate ganache, hazelnut feuilletine, chocolate sponge and coated with a silky chocolate glaze. The base is a carob tart shell, adorned with chocolate coated almonds and a caramel sauce.
$88 (Serves 4-6)
Grand Cru Tahiti Vanilla
Homemade ice cream crafted with Grand Cru Tahiti vanilla beans
$55 (500ml)
Blue Mountain Coffee
Homemade ice cream made with the renowned Blue Mountain Coffee
$38 (500ml)
Sicilian Pistachio
Homemade ice cream crafted with Sicilian pistachio
$38 (500ml)
Rustic Sourdough
Traditional sourdough, bake freshly daily, with its trademark crisp crust and moist centre
Collection time from 3PM to 6PM
$36 (2.6 kg approx.)
$20 (1.3 kg approx.)
The restaurant reserves the right to charge 100% of the total bill in the event of any cancellation, no-show or amendments made with less than 24-hour notice prior to the intended collection date.