The LA Way

Our Legacy
The 3 Michelin Star Les Amis made her maiden debut back in 1994 as Singapore’s first independent fine dining restaurant.
Today, under the leadership of the highly decorated Chef Sebastien Lepinoy, Les Amis's timeless elegance is echoed in every single detail which has been carefully crafted to take you on an exceptional culinary journey.
The restaurant's uncompromising dedication to delivering a memorable dining experience has earned them numerous awards and recognitions from guests and media alike. Today, Les Amis is now the only restaurant in Asia with the coveted “Three Pillars”, covering the three main aspects of any dining experience -
3 Michelin Stars (Food), 5 Stars by Forbes Travel Guide (Service) and Grand Award by Wine Spectator (Wine).
The Les Amis Way
Les Amis believes that excellent food and personalized service is a team effort. Both elements carry equal weightage in crafting a unique and memorable dining experience for their guests.
The team does not purely strives to give guests a “taste of France”. Instead, with a team of in-house Masters, they hope to paint an entire picture of France by relating personal stories about the intricacies of key ingredients which goes beyond just a cursory explanation of provenance and taste profiles.
Sebastien Lepinoy
Director of Culinary and Operations
Les Amis
Armed with a wealth of knowledge and technical skills, the 3 Michelin Star Chef Lepinoy has built up a remarkable career of being able to transform restaurants and their team into notable award-winning establishments.
Chef Lepinoy’s collection of recipes features a plethora of prized seasonal ingredients sourced from all over France. All his dishes are prepared with finesse and a high level of technicality, displaying true mastery of French gastronomy.
Often positioned as the guardian of the French Culinary Arts in Asia, Chef Lepinoy is an individual that is dedicated to preserving and passing on the mastery of French gastronomy to budding cooks and chefs. Thus, Chef Lepinoy makes it his mission to nurture and mentor talent in the hospitality scene. Many of his protégés have gone on to work in internationally renowned restaurants all over the world.