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About Sebastien Lepinoy


Executive Chef,
Les Amis

Born in France, the award-winning Executive Chef Sebastien Lepinoy has been working in the culinary world since 1990.

Sebastien had his first peek of Singapore’s vibrant food scene back in 1997, when he had a stint at the iconic Raffles Hotel. It was an eye-opening experience for him which speared him to jump at the chance in September 2013 to relocate to Singapore and run Les Amis’ kitchen.

Since joining the Les Amis family, Sebastien has made it his mission to further the restaurant’s philosophy – to deliver the ultimate fine-dining experience realized through attention to detail and dedication to sourcing and serving the finest ingredients. Furthermore, his style of using French technique with modern aesthetics ties in perfectly with Les Amis.

Instead of purely focusing on cooking trends, Sebastien makes it a point to always focus on the ingredients used. One such ingredient added to Les Amis’ repertoire would be the handcrafted Le Ponclet butter, which is served in less than 20 restaurants in the world. Sebastien, the determined Executive Chef, had to send in his resume to assure the supplier of the standard and quality he upholds in the restaurant. This highly sought-after butter is produced by near-extinct Celtic breeds of cows who roam Brittany’s pastures freely and feed on the best diet. Washed with the nearby Arrée mountain water and developed naturally by hand, this butter is non-pasteurised, giving it a distinct flavour and creamy texture that will leave guests wanting more.

Sebastien has also made it a point to transform Les Amis into an eco-friendly kitchen. From investing in state-of-the-art air-purifiers and dishwashing machines to designing a one-of-a-kind Charvet stove-top island cooking suite, the team at Les Amis is determined to do its part to reduce their carbon footprint. “This is our home, and we should take care of it”, says Sebastien, who hopes that other restaurants will also follow suit and take additional measures to go-green.

French Fine Dining

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